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Bhakta Aarti Khosla is the founder of Prerna School of Inspiration in New Delhi and Temple of Inspiration, where regular lectures and workshops are held, connecting the intellect and spirituality with the purpose of "empowering and awakening the consciousness". Thus instilling Karmic healing energies in the mind of the Therapists.

She has conducted several workshops, in India and worldwide on "Mind Therapies", addressing specifically the linkage between the mind and the spirit. Also initiating a series of 'Inspiring Mankind' workshops, focused on awakening the potential of the mind and dispelling fear.

Bhakta Aarti Ji has gained recognition of her work as under:-

Sharing & spreading knowledge of self empowerment & self healing since 15 years.

Practicing Mind Therapist & Teacher since 10 years.

Organizing Committee of the Second World Congress Regression therapy (WCRT) held in India in 2006

Organizing Committee of the Third WCRT in Brazil 2008 presenting a paper on "Karma Clearing & Past Life & the Regression.

Guest Speaker at the Global Peace Initiative of Women (a UN initiative) in 2008 & Chaired the peace dialogue between Israel & Palestine

In 2008 was invited to enlighten students of Singapore Management University on the Potential of the Mind

Presented lectures and held workshops on "Enhancing Potential of the Mind and Dispelling Fear" & "Self-Healing" in 2009 at Oxford University, UK

In 2010 presented a paper on "Teleportation & Vedic Connection" at World Healers Conference, USA.

Our Activities

  • Healing Workshops
  • Literacy Programme
  • Self Empowerment Programmes
  • Mind Rolling
  • Prerna Bazaars
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Spiritual Retreat
  • Medical Camps
  • Free Awareness Talks
  • Healing Camps
  • Personal Healing Sessions with Bhakta Aarti Khosla on every Thursday
  • Sale of CDs, Crystals ,Karma Cards, Books & Stained Glass

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Received Through Bhakta Aarti Khosla Ji

Continued ….

What do we think would provoke us into asking or moving from one state to another, or are we comfortable where we are? What is it that will provoke us from just “living a life” to “living the purpose of our life?”

Seekers’ answers: We have already been provoked which is why we’re here to understand Gyan (true knowledge).

Gyanam: So the provocation is helping you connect to Gyan… but what more needs to be done to understand the truth? This answer is going to be very personal. You have to think for yourself if you want completion.

You wait for the Divine to do everything but actually the Divine is waiting for you!

It’s asking yourself, whether you know where you are standing... in the dark, in the shadow, in the light, or in the shadow moving towards the light. You have to come into full light!

Instead of focusing on whether the others are in darkness or not. THIS awareness is meant to be used for your OWN growth. Take inspiration from this information, i.e. another is in the shadow. Now decide how you want to be.. Then stop.Like choosing which army you will connect with, the Pandavs or Kauravs. Once chosen, focus on the path, means and method of winning the war.

Learn from the Kauravs mind mentality. Duryodhan should be minutely looked at, to analyse his behaviour, Vichar Shakti MUST be applied to find similar instincts in the self. Understand how VASNA is more powerful than;

The desire to know the Divine Self, respect for Guru, the maryada of relationships, love for family etc.

The power of deeper thinking or Manan and VICHAR should be used only for internalising Gyanam and growth oriented, so SELF oriented, others behaviour has to be linked to Universe showing the power of ignorance! A learning in itself.

Seeker: I know that if I don’t move now I’m going to receive a challenge very soon.

Gyanam: This is very important! The challenge helps you know yourself (Mental state). When you want to know where you stand, you’re only asking Prakriti to send you another challenge / test to test your inner self… For a serious seeker, it only wavers at times but doesn’t slip back! The inner interpretator is now laced with the Satvic power of Gyanam, which was cemented during process of Manan and Vichar. The inner Vasnas now have a more powerful INNER CONTROLLER, powered with Divine Inspiration

Seeker: It is like a pull & push situation. One receives a lot of help…

Gyanam: That’s why you have a group of people who are thinking alike. After a point, you may feel a kind of disconnect when you are with the outside world, but not when you are with the spiritual group ! The SAT- sangh also connects you with other SAT- sanghi’s. See who can be your inspiration, rather than those with similar weaknesses, for they will not be able to “inspire you to release the weaknesses.” To do VICHAR on this will benefit only you!

Contnued ….



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