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Message from the Founder

(literally meaning "Welcome spiritual Being")

It is not a co- incidence that you have been led to us, a group of dedicated seekers and healers, earnestly working on breaking old patterns of the body and ego related identity, to re- connect and integrate into our Higher Selves.

With blessing and messages being regularly received from the Lineage of Mahavtar Babaji and Pujya Gurudev Sri Yukteswar Giriji, Temple of Inspiration and Prerna School of Inspiration continues on its Karmically elevating path, integrating spiritual high thinking into knowing and doing.(Shravan. Manan. Nidhyasan)

Regular Satsang and Meditations keep us connected to the Astral body and thus the Astral world lightworkers and Guru Consciousness. Our monthly Guru Om message goes out to many advancing seekers, such as yourself.

Divine Awakening & Healing Retreats, to Mahavtar Baba jis cave, Vrindavan, Rishikesh, Vashishta Gufa, Bodh Gaya , Varanasi, Gurudev Sri Yukteswar Giri jis Ashram Serempore, in the footsteps of Paramhansa Yogananda ji, Calcutta and USA.

Workshops are held on Karmic Healing, power of the subconscious mind, healing through meditations, crystal therapy, astral body chakra healing, releasing frozen emotions, meditation through movement, inner child healing, spiritual self and astral world dimensions, guidance through higher self and masters amongst many others.

As part of our 'living the Gyan' or Nidhyasan, we are running a school for street children, assist in surgeries for the poor, hold regular Unn Daan Seva ( feeding the helpless) and help the old. Free Health Care camps and distribution of medicines are held regularly. Day healing camps at various old age homes include 'music therapy.' Thereby integrating Karmic Understanding / Gyanam into all the above.

It would be an honour to have your vibrational energy connection as we can share each others' insight, learning's and experiences.

For worshops, retreats and other seva's connect with us at

Prerna School of Inspiration
Temple of Inspiration