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spiritual messages



Excerpt - I

The experiences you are being made to encounter are for two purposes:-
           1) For clearing previous debts and,
           2) To learn lessons and grow spiritually.

However, if you pass judgment and indulge in self pity you will reach a situation where you ask, -“Why me? – this will invoke more questions, more judgment, leading to suppression and depression. Ask “what am I to learn?”, then you reach a stage where you might ask “Please assist me in this challenge”

Excerpt– II

Even a farmer who milks the cow feeds the cow. Nature under the Divine Law has been providing for centuries & centuries – How much have you returned? For every favor return one or pass on one but do react with thankfulness. Nature recognizes energy emitted from each atom. You are living directly by the power of the Divine and you are connected to that power, and not by Human prosperity.

Om Sai