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Bhakta Aarti Khosla Ji is the founder of Prerna School of Inspiration in New Delhi and Temple of Inspiration, where regular lectures and workshops are held, connecting the intellect and spirituality with the purpose of "empowering and awakening the consciousness". Thus instilling Karmic healing energies in the mind of the Therapists.

She has conducted several workshops, in India and worldwide on "Mind Therapies", addressing specifically the linkage between the mind and the spirit. Also initiating a series of 'Inspiring Mankind' workshops, focused on awakening the potential of the mind and dispelling fear.

Bhakta Aarti Ji has gained recognition of her work as under:-

Sharing & spreading knowledge of self empowerment & self healing since 15 years.

Practicing Mind Therapist & Teacher since 10 years.

Organizing Committee of the Second World Congress Regression therapy (WCRT) held in India in 2006

Organizing Committee of the Third WCRT in Brazil 2008 presenting a paper on "Karma Clearing & Past Life & the Regression.

Guest Speaker at the Global Peace Initiative of Women (a UN initiative) in 2008 & Chaired the peace dialogue between Israel & Palestine

In 2008 was invited to enlighten students of Singapore Management University on the Potential of the Mind

Oxford University, UK invited her to hold lectures & workshops on Enhancing Potential of the Mind, Dispelling Fear & Self-Healing in 2009

In 2010 presented a paper on "Teleportation & Vedic Connection" at World Healers Conference, USA.

Our Activities

  • Healing Workshops
  • Literacy Programme
  • Self Empowerment Programmes
  • Mind Rolling
  • Prerna Bazaars
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Spiritual Retreat
  • Medical Camps
  • Free Awareness Talks
  • Healing Camps
  • Personal Healing Sessions with Bhakta Aarti Khosla on every Thursday
  • Sale of CDs, Crystals ,Karma Cards, Books & Stained Glass

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Received Through Bhakta Aarti Khosla Ji

What level of consciousness are you operating at? Any lesson that you have failed in, in your previous lives, will be sent to you again and again till you pass! And the only way you can pass is with understanding the deeper meaning. You only make a mistake due to ignorance, and the only way to remove ignorance is with Spiritual Gyan or satsang. Why would prakriti send you a test in something in which you have already passed? Has any principal ever given the Test Paper of Class III to Class IV? Then why would Prakriti or Divine do so?

Towards the end of the previous Satsang, somebody had asked a question about self esteem and ego. While we were chanting 'Om', I had a flashback of the time I was at the Ashram with Gurudev. There was a very sophisticated Westernised Bengali who had come and asked Gurudev the same question! Gurudev then asked the gentleman to repeat the question in Hindi. What is ego in Hindi? And self esteem! The answer lay in the question itself!

Ego is Ahamkara. Self esteem is Atma samman. One is connected to the false self and the other to the real self.

Pride and self esteem is when your "inner" feels good, and ahankar/ego is when your "outer" feels good! One is protecting the "inner personality' and shakti, while ahankar caters to the "outer personality". Take resposibilty for your actions!

Once, a very interesting incident took place at the Ashram during Gurudev's birthday. Everyone was trying to make it a special day. Everyone who could come came, with the exception of one disciple. This disciple was a very quiet person and would hardly sit for the Satsangs as he was always busy receiving and looking after the people who came to the ashram to meet Gurudev. He thus, almost never got an opportunity to receive gyan 'directly' from Gurudev but he received it from the people who shared what they had heard with him! He would ask each one as they came out. So each one would share whatever they felt was "special" with him!

He however, came the next day and how! He did not even wait and instead went straight to meet Gurudev, thanking him profusely for the amazing Satsang and bhandara that they had had. To our amazement we learnt that this year he had requested Gurudev to come to his house on HIS birthday and HE had! We were amazed because Gurudev had been with us at the Ashram all the time!

Focus on yourself. Find your purpose, your accumulated wealth (your inner strength) of so many janmas (births). Your liabilities are nothing but your weaknesses - your learnt weaknesses - and they can be unlearnt.

Be thankful for the support system that you have chosen. Look around you. Without your own free will and choice this would not have been delivered. For the purpose that you have come on Prithvilok and not the desire which you now hold!

Don't get stuck in the people and events. Believe there is a the deeper reason. Just getting a job, getting married and settling your family is not the only reason you have come to earth! This cannot be the only purpose. There has to be a greater purpose.All the zero's you have collected in your personal bank account, haven't been added in your permanent karmic account in the astral world.

Focus on today and not on the thoughts of your past, which is dead or future, which is an illusion!




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