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Prerna Disclaimer

Atma Namaskar,

Welcome Spiritual being!

Prerna School of Inspiration (a registered society) has been founded by Bhakta Smt. Aarti Khosla under the guidance of her Gurus. She follows the ancient Guru - Disciple parampara, while performing various activities carried out by the Prerna School of Inspiration.

KARMIC HEALING modules have been developed over several years of meditations by Bhakta Smt. Aarti Khosla. These are imparted to the aspirants by Bhakta Smt. Aarti Khosla, as is revealed to her by the GURUS, via workshops conducted under the name of the Prerna School of Inspiration.

To ensure the sacred energy stays undiluted, it is mandatory for all Karmic Healers to operate under the Prerna Code of Conduct.

The ancient and revered Guru-Disciple parampara / tradition mandates that the Karmic Healing teachings, as is taught in the workshops conducted by Prerna School of Inspiration can only be imparted under the guidance and umbrella of Prerna School of Inspiration. The material and contents given to the aspirants during the Karmic Healing Workshops may not be used by them for any purpose including teaching, without seeking consent/blessings of Bhakta Smt. Aarti Khosla/Prerna School of Inspiration as the same would amount to violation of said ancient Guru-Disciple parampara.

Note: PRERNA SCHOOL OF INSPIRATION has no other associates or individuals other than those designated by the PRERNA SCHOOL OF INSPIRATION as mentioned in the website ( from time to time). The general public is advised to seek further confirmation should any individual or group offer any similar courses claiming their association with PRERNA SCHOOL OF INSPIRATION by sending an email to