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Prerna School of Inspiration

Temple of Inspiration

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As per Guru Maa's guidance, these meetings aim to help us digest and apply the Gyaan which we have absorbed in the satsangs. It is basically about how to live by the principles of the wisdom received, i.e. the "NIDHYASAN" / application of the gyaanam and to help the mind, through interaction and sharing of experiences , by understanding and overcoming weaknesses/challenges to reach a higher level of understanding. All those interested may assemble downstairs in the prasad hall after Prasad

In Guru Maa's words "Mind Rolling" is a way of life, nidhyasan of gyaanam and application of Satya.

During interaction and sharing of experiences, the mind understands how to do this application.

During the Mind Rolling meetings, each individual shares: -
  1. What emotional charge or weakness overpowered/controlled my sthir sthithi ( peace) during the various times this month.
  2. How long did my awareness sthithi (or digested gyaan) allow it to last?
  3. What higher understanding flowed after it was over?
  4. How real/unreal does it seem now?

Mind Rolling is about how the mind is responding to maya/illusion after receiving gyaanam ,so one focuses on sharing and encouraging/inspiring others with ONLY ONES OWN EXPERIENCE OF CHALLENGES.

Sharing helps brings our own reactions to MAYA in a different perspective and one sees them objectively as they really are.