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A mandala is a circular design that grows out of the urge to know oneself and ones place in the cosmos. Some scholars derive the word Mandala from the sanskrit syllables 'manda' or essence and 'la' or container. Mandalas express completeness and invite us to experience ourselves as a whole being. The womblike structure of a mandala creates a feeling of security and protection. At the same time mandalas distill the complex rhythms of the universe...and human consciousness, into patterns that are manageable and comprehensible to human beings. So unraveling the mystery of man and universe.

The mandalas of India and Tibet are images of sacred reality. Specific forms are often associated with particular deities and are created to invoke their presence. e.g. Tibetan Buddhist Monks using coloured sand, created the Kalchakra (Wheel of Time) mandala at the beginning of a special empowerment ritual, to invite the Kalchakra deity to be present during the ceremony. In Eastern traditions, mandalas are used to communicate spiritual realizations to self and others.

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