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Let’s take a look at what Karmic Healing is about.

What is Karmic Healing?

Healing comes from the word ‘Hale’ or ‘whole’. Every divine being in the world has the potential to heal themselves. What blocks the healing is our own thought processes in the mind. With Karmic Healing, we can unblock the beliefs that are coming in the way to living our potential. Karmic Healing helps in removing our past baggage, allowing us to be able to create positive karma. Karmic Healing is a deep rooted healing going to the depth (Karan- Cause) of the issue and working on it.

Who all can benefit from attending the workshop?

What if I don’t have a background of being in the Healing Arts? And if I already am in the Healing Arts, do I need ONE MORE workshop? What is so unique about it and can I integrate it with my current profession – be it connected or not connected to the Healing Arts?

Everyone can benefit. It is open for all. Anyone who has questions for self, for their own emotions can attend and have the benefit of Karmic Healing. We perform karma all the time. Everything we do- our thoughts, actions, have the potential to create or negate karmas. When we become aware of our own mind and self, the more we can work with our full potential in all areas. Karmic Healing gives us a deeper understanding of the Karan. When we understand ourselves and our karmic healing capacity, when we understand the healing capacity of karma, it helps us in all aspects of life - both personal and professional level.

While practicing Karmic Healing, you are healing not only the healee but also yourself as you understanding more about your own karmas. Those who are already in the profession are able to integrate other healing modalities with the deeper understanding of the Karan of events and get the best healing for themselves. Karmic Healing is complimentary to all healing modalities.

What is the Scope of Karmic Healing? What kind of Clients can I work with?

Karmic Healing is a beautiful technique to work with all kinds of clients, whether it is children or adults, ranging from matters from working on increasing confidence level, raising self esteem, reducing weight loss, working with addictions, releasing past life imprints etc to name a few. Karmic Healing can be used to deal with symptom manifestation and blockages at physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

Karmic Healer helps not only himself and his own mind but also his awareness works with the awareness of people around him. Karmic Healing teaches you to open up to your own understanding and be mindful of yours as well the heelee’s karmas. Karmic Healer is an elevated thinker. Karmic Healing expands the healer’s thinking. We all are going through things due to karma. Every action creates karma. A Karmic Healer is aware of and connected to the Sat and Karan of the symptom manifestations. Only an aware person can make a happy life, society and country. Only when you have the capacity to create the right kind of atmosphere around you, only when your actions are with awareness, then only what you receive is what you want. A Karmic Healer knows that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and when you are aware of what you are doing, when you are aware that what you have received was in ignorance, then you can work to create actions in alignment with the universe. It not only enhances you as a person but also your spiritual understanding and psychic ability improves as a Karmic Healer. Needless to say, the scope of this teaching is comprehensive.

What is the journey to become a Karmic Healer? How many Levels are there to complete the program?

The journey is not about becoming a Karmic Healer, it is about realizing you are a healer. When you perform rightful mindful action, you are correcting your karmas.

About the Levels, there are 3 Levels.

Level I is learning about self, your own mind, actions, how thought manifests into emotions and into various feelings which are at times suppressed and stored need connection and expression or it can also convert into a belief system which can sometimes create blocks and can be dealt with awareness, affirmations and rightful communication.

Level II is a deeper level about understanding the workings of the mind, emotions and feeling and their manifestation in the form of actions. Level II teaches us how to deal with other at a deeper level with beautiful meditative techniques - both from the Vedic and Western meditative techniques.

3rd level is detailed understanding of psychology, understanding of the inner child, how emotional chords can be managed.

There are other courses like Root cause Therapy which talks about how to do complete therapy by going to the root cause of a physical or emotional manifestation and doing the therapy there. Then comes foreign energy dynamics which is various personality distortions. Then there is inner child – everyone has an inner child – how to karmically understand the inner child, the deep rooted karmic issues of the inner child are dealt with in this workshop.

Does one have to attend all the Levels? If I cannot or am uncertain about attending all levels, it there any point of attending part of the program?

It is suggested to do all for a complete understanding.

Level I is for your own healing and if your want to work with others, attend Level II and for a deeper understanding Level III is beneficial. Others are supportive levels that help you move to a complete understanding. As you grow in your own healing, it expands your healing potential.

Are the workshops enough to give me enough training? What practice and support do I get after the workshop is over? And what if I get stuck in any session as a Karmic Healer?

Prerna is an organization that is helping you both in your personal and professional growth, there are other healers who will be helping you. Batches meet to do practice sessions, there is also an annual or bi-annual Karmic Healers Conference. One can always consult with a senior Karmic Healer if stuck in any case.


"Atma Namasteji.

Prerna Karmic Healer workshops have transformed my life completely. These workshops gave me a new understanding of the working of the mind at several levels and layers. The healing modalities taught in these courses are easy to apply and yet are immensely potent in breaking repeated karmic patterns. During the workshop itself,one begins to feel immense cleansing and Healing happening. Each level of Karmic Healer Workshop equips you with Healing Modalities which can be used on self and others.. I apply some of these modalities on a daily basis to keep myself positively charged at all times in all kinds of situations. I am immensely grateful for having received this Grace in this lifetime of being a part of Prerna Karmic Healers Workshop held in the pure and pious environment of Prerna School Of Inspiration. In Param Shukrana for this Grace."

Sanya Shankar.


"Atma Namasteji

The first Karmic Healer workshop I attended was in 2006 , conducted by Maa ( Bhakta Aarti ji).

It was a life changing experience. Initially I dint know what it meant and in what way it would benefit me , however since Maa was conducting it I went ahead and did it. Each moment spent in the workshop was very healing since I was getting a lot of insight into how our minds function and just because of this imbalance we create janamas.

The first workshop done in a complete awareness of karmas and janamas inspired me to do the consequitive workshops.

Any workshop done at Temple of Inspiration was an opportunity for me to learn and grow.

I thank Maa for Her presence in my life and inspiring me to tap on that strength which She has imparted through these workshops."

In Gratitude
Shivani Bansal


"Atma Namaste

I would take an opportunity to share my experience of Karmic healer workshop.

We all know cause and effect theory. Every action has a reaction and consequences…we are such an implausible being trapped in various patterns of life.By changing action/thought we can break the patterns and dissolve inner barriers. This seems very difficult but the moment we have awareness of self and mind and know how to steer our thoughts, it is doable.

This is what Karmic healing workshop discovered for me. “I am the problem, I am the solution”.

It not only healed me with my present issues but also helped me to let go my past baggage.It helped rediscover the real meaning of freedom, which is free from self-doubts, fears, sufferings, pain by becoming responsible and aware of our actions. Actions which will leave some impression, so do we want to leave a positive impression or not positive? What we sow, shall reap. I always heard of this but didn’t know how if effects my situations, mind, and actions. What to do about it? How to deal with it? And like everyone thinks WHY me!

This workshop gave me a very different outlook towards life, situation, relations, challenges and SELF. We never realized that how we trap ourselves in emotions, instead of experiencing emotion we become an emotion and unknowingly attract undesired situations, sufferings and uncalled dis eases.

It was enlightening to be part of the workshop and received deeper understanding of how our actions and reactions become our own blocks. This workshop is a blend of spiritual and scientific modalities; which included various techniques to deal with our fears, doubts, relation issues, challenges, financial/emotional blocks and much deeper issues we face in our day to day life.

This workshop inspired me to rediscover myself and gave me strength to open the layers which I was never aware of; the journey is still on. It is very difficult to put it in words, still I would like to share few of my take away from this workshop:

  • Why me, How am I responsible for my situations
  • Why I have attracted challenges and not so positive situation
  • Power of choice
  • How mind works
  • How pain leads to suffering
  • How to release the past baggage
  • How we can steer out thought towards positive
  • How to attract positive and healthy relations
  • Where emotions stored
  • How we can unwind our life and blocks... and many more

I was lead to this path and from the core of my heart would like to thank everyone who was part of this workshop, special thanks to Bhakta Aarti ji, the founder, Prerna School of Inspiration, teachers, team mates, and volunteers.

Today everything is same, I have situations, challenges, relations but the way I look at them has changed. The way I act or deal with it is been very different. So the shift is inside and it is reflecting outside. This journey is becoming better and better as I am moving ahead.

With immense gratitude thank you once again."

Mridu Rattan

Karmic Healer Level I Program
2 Day workshop

Course Details:
Introduction to various aspects of the mind
Where do problems reside?
How can healing be done?
Self Healing Experience
The theory of Karma
Practice Sessions on Self and others
Karmic Understanding of Source of problem
The Theory of Suggestibility
The Laws of Suggestibility
Power of Positive Affirmation
Wording of Effective Suggestions
Releasing Stress
Power of the Subconscious Mind

If you would like further information or would like to attend the Karmic Healers Level I conference, please email us at or call us on 9899680299. We also host Awareness Talks at regular intervals or upon request. If you would like to attend an Awareness talk, please contact us at the above.

Please note: To patients of Schizophrenia, Epilepsy and Mental Illnesses only Reiki and Aura Cleansing is offered.