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|| Hari OM ||

May 310 Dwapar Yuga.

Indispensability of Satsang- Part 1

An aspirant asked a person to come for spiritual discourses, at which time the other person said - "I do not sin, therefore it is not essential for me to go to spiritual discourses. Those that are sinful are the ones that go to these spiritual events. They go to these discourses to get rid of their sins. Now, diseased people go to the hospital to be cured of their disease; but what is the need for healthy people to go to the hospital? When we do not sin, then why should we go to spiritual discourses (association with Truth)? Looking at this on the surface, these points appear to be alright.

Now understand this point carefully. There is a verse in Srimad Bhagwat -

Nivattarshroopggeeyamaanaad bhavaushdhaachrottramano bhiraammaat |
Ka uttashlokgunaamnuvaadaat pumaan virajyet vinaa pashughraat || (Srimad Bhag. 11/1/4)

"In whom the desire, the longing, the thirst has been extinguished once and for all, that liberated great soul whose perfect love remains yet with longing within and he continues to sing the glories of the Lord; that liberated souls for whom the arrow of Ram is like the medicine that cures the disease of this life (existence), and also for those worldly and sensual people, it gives their ears and mind eternal exultation. Who else is there besides those with animal instincts and those suicidal ones, that turns away from Lord Shri Krishna Who is like the moon, so beautiful, so comforting, so filled with nectar, so glorifying are His virtues?"

Men are of three kinds - one liberated soul, another is a spiritual aspirant, and the third is an ordinary worldly man. In whom there is no deep thirst, or desires, he who is perfected soul, he who has realized his true Self and is contented in the Self "atmaram", he who has servered relation with the inert, he who is beyond the scriptures and the customs and decorum that are laid down - such a liberated soul, an enlightened great soul also engages in devotion and worship and listens to the qualities and characteristics of God -

Jeevanmukta Brahmaper charit sunahin taji dhyaan." (Manas, Utter. 42)

"He who constantly meditates on the Lord, they too leave that meditation and listen to the life stories of God." From "Sadhan, Sudhaa, Sindhu" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdas ji