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Maa I want to thank you from the deepest of my soul depths... you have given me so much that any words or expressions cannot be used to describe what I feel. Whenever I've felt that I'm dipping I always feel you send me healing in some manner.

On thursday I was given the divine gift of being able to meet Maa personally & I was very excited about it. Though the moment I took the appointment all my doubts seemed to clear out mystically.

From a week before only I was continously praying to be able to completely open myself to receiving all that Maa would give me & to be able to surrender completely at her feet. On thursday I reached 45minutes before my scheduled appointement,so I decided to go upto the meditation hall & just meditate in the healing energies.

While meditating in the hall all I was focussing on was complete surrender. I had been given the oppurtunity to meet my guru and I wanted to be so open, so that I could just receive...I wanted that each and every word tat my guru would say to me should penetrate my soul and be absorbed comepletely,I wanted 2 soak in all the positivity of being in the divine aura of maa. It was an amazing cleansing that took place, where I was standing under a shower of beautiful white light and I let go of all that was blocking my growth,all my inhibitions. Then I was shown each and every cell of my body was like a square entity, whose mouth or top surface I seemed to be opening. I did that to all the cells of my body starting from my head to toes and kept repeating only 1 affirmation that I'm completely open and ready to felt so powerful and by the time I finished doing this I was feeling very very light and could barely feel my body.... I was shown a beautiful purple mist, so thick and beautiful with a lovely fragrance and maa sitting on top... she was generating this mist for me to heal and empower me, walking through the mist I started feeling so full and the only thought tat was comming was I NEED TO SURRENDER MYSELF AND MY EGO in my guru charan. Then while walking I came across a beautiful lake/river in which I dipped myself and it was an amazing experience... I felt as if I was removing complete skins from myself...1st skin was anger, 2nd skin was irritation,3rd skin was Ego... it felt like I was taking a new birth. I emerged from the lake all dressed in plain white feeling like my guru had helped me to completely clean and clear myself of everything unwanted before meeting her physically.

Then I found myself in a space filled with light and I kept breathing in all of that light.... My guru had heard my hearts desire & as always miraclulously helped me to achieve that.... Once again I was given the message that if you have even a little bit faith & will to surrender then your guru holds your hand and makes you fly.... such is the level of guru kripa & guru's un-conditional love. I'm so humbled & over-whelmed with gurumaa's kripa.. she has only given and given and that too without asking.... shat shat pranaam in my guru charan.

I will be always be Eternally grateful to my Guru-maa.



Aatma Namaste!

I would like to share my experience meditating under the Bodhi tree as I feel there is a message for us all from Budhhaji...I wrote it down immediately after it happened and even though my pen ran out of ink, a monk meditating near me quietly passed me his pen!

A many petal lotus appeared. It had many, many layers of petals. Then I saw Shivji standing very still on the lotus in his Natraj posture. The lotus was floating on white light. A sort of pull back revealed that the light was on Buddhaji's hand. I saw a very viraat roop of Buddhaji. I sat near his feet and when I looked up he had shrunk to a normal size. He asked me to come for a walk with him. "Come, we both like gardens", he said. We walked, I a little behind him. He asked me, "Tell me what you see." I wondered why he was asking me that when he added, "I want to see if we both see the same things." I looked around the garden and told him, "I see the flowers, grass, hear the birds, feel the breeze, smell the fragrance. I see the harmony, the beauty. I see God's creation. In everything I see the hand of the Divine. The perfection of his creation uncorrupted, pristine and pure." He said to me with a smile, "Then we both see the same things!" I was surprised by what he said because I was expecting him to see something I clearly could not. He being the ONE would obviously see something I had missed! I was looking forward to what I imagined he would tell me - like an insight or a revelation. He sensed what I felt and said, "Yes, we both see the same things for we are no different from one another." I was further shocked. How can we not be different? He continued, "The difference does not exist in reality, so we are both perfect souls - the difference has been erected by you. And only you can eradicate it."

I then saw the Bodhi tree all lit up, glittering. The leaves were all lit up and was beautiful! I saw Buddha under the tree meditating. He was also lit up, illumined from within and levitating. Soon he began to become more and more light till the outer form disappeared and the light scattered and was absorbed by the tree. I then saw myself meditating under the tree as I was doing so in the present moment. A drop of what seemed to be white light - it was shaped just like a perfect drop, large and only one - fell from the glittery tree and entered straight into my crown chakra. The Buddha's face appeared in front of me and he said, "Meditate with me." I focused on his beautiful countenance and meditated. I used his aura to bring more focus in my stillness.

I thank Guru Ma and my fellow Sants for this experience.


Meditation experience on Guru Purnima by a Seeker :

Guru Govind dono khade.... kaake laagu paaye.... balihaari Guru aapke.... jo Govind diyo milaye....

Guru Purnima ke shubh avsar par sab GURU jano ke charano mein saadar pranaam....

Iss paavan avsar par jo guru kripa ka anubhav hua usko main apne jeevan mein kabhi bhi nahi bhool sakti......Jab maine aashram mein kadam rakha toh mann mein ek anokhi si masti ka anubhav ho raha tha.....Mann mein sirf aur sirf Guru darshan ki kaamna thi kyunki bahut dino se darshan ke liye mera maan bechain tha..... Jaise hi MAA ne Shivoham shuru kiya,mann mein bahut bachainI thi aur achaanak aankhen swayam bandd hogayi aur MAA ko maine Purush roop mein dekha..... Woh bahut hi swasth aur balshaali roop mein dikh rahi thi......Bahut se MASTERS aur GURU unka dudh aur jal se Abhishek kar rahe theh aur chandan tilak bhi kar rahe theh.... Uske baad jab bhajan chal rahe theh toh Mahavtaar Babaji.... Lahiri Mahasia....Yukteshwarji .... Yoganandji aur MAA ko Devta gann aur bahut se log... Abhishek aur Chandan tilak karke Stuti kar rahe theh.... Paancho Guru jann phoolon ki varsha kar rahe theh aur chaaron taraf Yellow lights ka ujaala tha...... Phir mujhe laga ki mere hriday chakra se JYOTH nikalkar Guru janno ke paas jaaker mil gayi.....Iss anand ko main shabdo mein bayaan nahi kar paa rahi.... bas itna samajh paa rahi hoon ki PARMATMA aur GURU kripa se hi Guru Purnima par yeh anmol prasad mujhe mila hei....... Mere ichha hei ki jo GURU kripa mujhe iss din mili.... isko main apne jeevan mein sameth kar rakhu aur iss kaabil banu ki yeh kripa mere jeevan mein sadev bani rahe......

''Guru Charan mein samarpit''
Rekha Bansal