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Karmic Healers

The Prerna Karmic Healer has recieved insight and training, into the Ancient Indian aspects of Karma and past lives, alongwith modern energy healing practices like Reiki, Aura Chakra Cleansing, Crystal Therapy & Guided Meditation / Mind Therapies for healing and spiritual purposes.
Regular Satsang and Meditation practices make them Karmically aware and responsible Healers.


In REIKI it is the Universal Life Force Energy which is channeled by the Healer, to enhance positive energy of the healee. This triggers the healees / recieiver body's natural healing abilities, and helps enhance and maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.
Reiki can be used for preventing disorders, maintaining positive wellness and helping any healing process.
It also has the potential to restore and balance natural flow of energy


Our group of healers, also channel distance healing or REIKI to anyone who needs it. The need for it qualifies them to recieive the same.
If you wish to leave a donation for a healing request,pls give the persons name and anything in cash or kind is put to good use.


The human AURA or mind is the electro magnetic field around every living body. It is three dimensional. This energy field is made up of our thoughts and emotions . Each thought vibration emanates a color so our Aura can be seen by Clairvoyants as a field or ball of light around us and it serves as measure of the state of the health of the physical and emotional body. The strength and the state of your aura is the vibration you emit and this determines the kind of events, people and things that you attract in your life.


All interactions in our day to day life leads us into thoughts and emotions . Many times we unknowingly/ unconsciously go through some emotions and feelings which block the flow of energy in our energy system or CHAKRAS. Blocked emotional energy creates congestion and stagnation which makes it easy to get stuck with unwanted energies which can leave you drained or unwell.
Clearing your chakras and your aura restores and strengthens your connection to yourself and your divine inner wisdom.


This helps access deeper parts of his mind to clear away past impressions of energetic baggage masquerading as fear, pain, and self-blame. Prerna Karmic Healers assists you to release that so your consciousness is once again free to grow. It clears away energy that constantly causes heaviness and stagnancy. It brings lightness of being , clarity of mind, emotional stability and a state of balance in all aspects.

Mind Therapies assists each to find your highest potential, inner peace, understand your mind and replace unwanted thoughts and feelings with strength, will power and a positive outlook. Heal yourself and others while accessing creativity, building positive relationships and developing successful habits. Past Life Regression also releases the past impressions of heavy emotions and restrictive life patterns.


To understand our essential nature of the Spiritual Self, One-ness , mysteries of the Divine realms, longing to know our real identity, the presence of our guides and ancestors, where we come from and a deep spiritual cause to existence.


Anyone with a Healing intent is elegible to register for these workshops. Contact our Karmic Healer for any queries and assistance.

Reach your highest potential, find inner peace, understand  your mind and replace unwanted thoughts and feelings with strength, will power and a positive outlook. Heal yourself and others while accessing creativity, building positive relationships and developing successful habits, with our Karmic Healer courses, Levels 1 and 2.

Contents of level 1 course

Contents of level 2 course


The PRERNA GURU CARDS are a collection of Guru Vakyam (Shlokas/ Divine Words) that are meant to act as tools to identify what guidance may be recieved from the Divine and Universe.
GURU CARDS have HEALING CARDS, to identify a block in a particular chakra/emotional zone.