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|| Hari OM ||

You are having many problems and are trying to find the solution but can't. Why? Because, the one that solves is lying dormant!
The power that can solve everything and anything is lying hidden! All the 'learnt' has been dumped on top, and, all that has been given by the Divine is sitting quietly 'inside' letting you believe that you are intelligent! But, your intelligence is not being able to solve the problem and, consequently, emotionally you start feeling suppressed and depressed. As a result, the emotion and the intellect are, both, going round and round in circles! The beauty is that all this is being done by the Divine for you to go into your own divine!

Man, as a whole, is receiving vibration from the Sat in silence. It speaks nothing, yet it receives.

So, man, as a whole, is receiving vibrations of the SAT, and, even when the individual thoughts try to invade this sacred agreement with the Sat, your deeper self revolts, sometimes even through guilt, thus keeping you connected and using the power of guilt for your own growth! (You make this agreement. You have made the effort to come to this place for what? You want peace. you want want your 'Self' back! You have had enough of being treated as an intellectual human being, responding as an intellectual being which has made you a thoroughly confused intellectual being! You now want to know your 'Self' and behave like the energy that is your ingredient rather than the 'covering'!

When you are on the path of growth, then every time you deviate; your guilt will quietly bring you back so that can get your message of the week! We were very lucky that we could go (to the Satsang) everyday and got a message for the whole day. Thus, the whole day the message remained charged in one's mind! All the incidents that happened would be your credits and you had to practice what you had received in words during Satsang. If you stay in awareness and you realize that you have to practice and 'keep' the message, then you will notice that the message given to you on Saturday will help you through the entire week!)

So, all this happened and Nature or Prakriti, the hidden force of the Divine, gave you protection, once you had made a certain amount of effort and used your will power to remain in this state. (When you start with the effort, what do you start with? The thought! You know, never did Gurudev tell someone "Do this!" Never! He would create a chain of events where the person concerned would be left alone with someone else or himself, and that person himself would ask "Gurudev, do you think I should do this?" To which Gurudev would say "Look at the chain of events, it is amazing!" Because, that would be beneficial for that person! He was deserving of it..i.e it became his Destiny.

What is Prarabdha/ destiny/kismet? Destiny is like someone waiting at the traffic signal to give you something you Deserve and you have decided to take the U turn before reaching the signal and go back home! Then you blame your destiny! Your effort in the Present was not enough.

The main point was the beginning - you. Your thought, your desire, your strength, your conviction, and, most of all your desire or shubh iccha to see SAT, to know SAT) (The Divine has created the Power of Thought. But, how does it go forward? With your thought! That was the beginning of any event in your life...Your thought! Your action! Your effort! Your strength! Your conviction - what do you trust, and, what do you mistrust. And, most of all, your desire, which, over here, is shubh iccha - the need aspect of desire and not the greed aspect of desire.

You decide, in any life, to see truth and nothing but the truth and SAT only in anything that is transmitted..