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A seed is planted.
A sapling grows out of it. (Sthool Shareera)
A fence is made around it to protect it from outer threats.
Its existence is protected.
Its growth is protected.
It is given all the nutrients for furthering growth.
The digested energy makes the invisible roots stronger.
Prakriti sends forth a storm to check the strength of the roots.
Those that are strong survive the storm, the rest are uprooted.
The strength lay in the 'invisible' part of the plant. (Suksham Shareera)

After the storm the growth is rapid.
The trunk grows thick and strong.
It breaks down the fence.
It is now able to stand for itself and provide for others as well.
Protection is still required, but of a higher degree.
Self Awareness now playing a KEY FACTOR in protecting the Self.That nobody lights a fire close by..
Nobody tries to cut down the trunk..
Existence is For a Purpose ( Karan Shareera)

State of Growth is now dependant on the Self..
...and the capacity of the Self to absorb the Sun and the Air..
Higher Energies required to maintain a state of Higher Purpose...

Guru Vakyam Satyam!

When all of you came to the Ashram, the main purpose was to bring Gyanam undersatnding into your actions.
There were rules in the Sthool to help create environment to digest into the Suksham.

Moving from Ritual to Spiritual.

The Spiritual was added, retaining some Ritual.

Only Suksham can help change Stithi.

There were rules given for protection of the PRESENT STITHI or DIGESTED GYANAM in the present.

Containing the level of Gyanam within, itself was a great task..there were many diversions available.

The emails below will connect the dots of change in your 'sthithis' vis a vis the role of Satsang messages, Prakriti and Guides

The satsang message this Saturday was about AVASTHA

You all have passed through the Manthan.

Your STHIR STITHI is what helps in changing the AVASTHA

We now will need more flexible rules for Self Protection.

The State of Awareness,

The state of Responsible Awareness.

The state of Acting your Awareness Responsibly.

The State of Awareness in Taking Responsibility of your Soul Purpose.(Taking your Inspiration of Spreading Light responsibly.)

The ongoing Gyanam will be the Light and Air for your Sthir Stithi...

Prayers for your Stithi and Avastha

Please share your thoughts on this, along with your experiences and inspirations