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"Prerna School of Inspiration" is a Life School that inspires individuals to seek out the best in themselves and enhance self-awareness, to upgrade attitudes, behaviors and actions to maximise personal and professional relations.

The organisation was founded by Bhakta Aarti Ji in 2005, with the intent to 'Inspire Mankind'.

Our Values

  • Mindfulness
  • Harmony
  • Responsibility

About Our Workshops

Our learning interventions are based on integrating modern scientific and ancient understanding of spirituality. Our approach to training is to integrate skills-development with conceptual knowledge and experiential learning so that participants leave our workshops with:

  • A conceptual understanding of the particular skills offered in that session
  • The ability and inspiration to put the tools and techniques to work at the right time.
  • An experience of empowerment and responsibility to make personal change.

We provide customized programs for your employees, which are tailored for the organizations specific strategic challenges. This ensures that capability building is embedded in your organization's context and addresses your specific challenges building a solid foundation for impact.

Intervention delivery format:

  • Research based framework based on understanding of mind.
  • Experience based teaching methods
  • Clarity of deliverables, process & intent and for every program
  • An Empowering paradigm

We are adept in the use of different methodologies including group sessions, individual sessions, role-plays, empowerment exercises, audio-visual films, guided meditations and other activities pertaining to group needs for our interventions.

The Team

Our, facilitators are certified to practitioners of Mind therapy, Aura Balancing and Positive Energy enhancement. They are also equipped with tools such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Empowerment Techniques, Meditations, Mindfulness and Visualization to Manifestation.

What distinguishes our facilitators is the ability to synthesis all this for facilitating healing and conducting workshop.

Workshops on themes of Stress Management, Team Building, Self-awareness, Enhancing the Strengths, Creative Enhancement and Motivational programmes; for general public, companies and also for various individual seekers have conducted in the past.

For corporate enquiries you may contact us via e-mail -