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The Power of Meditation

How meditation can help improve the following:

  • Memory
  • Self-awareness
  • And how it can decrease anxiety and stress.

For a simple mind stress test

Meditation is an activity that moves from "doing' to "becoming". The awareness of the mind moves to deeper levels of trance depending on activity being pursued, moving from the waking Beta state to the more relaxing Alpha state.

Meditation is a means of changing your well-being by releasing stress and tension. Do you want to learn how to relax, release stress and increase your self-awareness?

Stress is a 'state of mind' where there is excess on the mind. Since putting the load 'in' wasnt consciously done, no one knows hows to undo this. Pills give temporary relief before the stressed mind again causes unease or dis-ease, utimately manifesting in the body as disease.

Just as one needs a clean board to write on or else everything will seem jumbled. We all need a calm and clean mind to operate at our highest known potential. Sleep that was doing the needful, is now also deprived, either quantitatively or quality wise, the stress may not allow the sleep.

Meditation is a self empowering habit that not only cleans and clears cobwebs in the mind but enhances body/mind output due to conserving extra energy at all levels. The breathing/ organ metabolic etc all seem to get deep sleep rest far more powerful that the restless sleep of the modern day. The overall performance of such a person is of higher levels of patience,strength and inner peace.

The path to meditation begins with relaxation, leading to concentration and control of mental focus. The techniques you use and the time you spend cultivating these techniques and habits will determine your level of success.

But discipline doesn't have to be harsh. Effective meditattion is not the path of the ascetic, but rather the path of daily living. We can use tools which will assist in assigning successful inner feelings and states of mind with external objects as reminders.

Temple of Inspiration provides Empowering Workshops that refresh you and provides Guided Meditation Cds, that help you meditate regularly.

The goal of meditation is to bring a sense of control, calm and deeper insight into your daily living life, the ability to focus your mind and achieve your goals.

Meditation affects the parts of the brain governing emotions, memory, self-awareness and self-control. It also shows how meditation increases empathy, connection, trust, awe and calmness - while decreasing fear, worry, anger and impulsiveness, teaching meditation is a gift for their futures, a gift that will work to benefit their careers, health, relationships, leisure pursuits and happiness in life throughout the rest of their lives.

Deeper than Meditation- Hypnosis
When people enter into trance their brain waves slow from the waking Beta state and continue to change vibration down past the meditative Alpha state into various levels within the Theta range. When we sleep our brain wave patterns enter into the final Delta state where messages from the brain are dropped into the subconscious and vented through our dreams. In short, hypnosis is quite a different state of consciousness than meditation or sleep and is associated with different brain wave patterns. Trance involves maintaining a state of consciousness that is measured. In Hypnosis, the conscious mind is not unconscious, so we are aware of releasing all the unwanted issues stored within.

Memory is nothing but "instant recall".
Everything we have ever seen, heard, smelt, said etc is all recorded in our Subconscious mind. The layers of stress and fear do not allow the easy recall of these events..we term this is a memory lapse. However clearing of the issues of stress and fears have known to give excellent results for Recall. Meditation and Karmic Healer deal with THIS FEAR which affects MEMORY as well.

A stressed mind is always being controlled by his probem thoughts. His level of Awareness is controlled by his shortcomings. When avenues of releasing these are used, his positive SELF is revealed to himself. This enhances confidence and awareness.

Meditation and Deeper Trance through Karmic Healer sessions can be extremely beneficial in helping to resolve problems, alleviate phobias and release fears. Your subconscious mind is the storehouse of memory for everything that has ever happened to you; it's been like a video camera, constantly recording situations and events, not just in sight and sound, but also in smell, tactile experiences and emotions. On a conscious level we don't remember every incident and nuance in our life, but these are all stored within the subconscious mind.

This is a highly effective way to help solve problems and release painful experiences from the past so you can live your life to the fullest, filled with confidence and certainty, focused on what you want to experience in the here and now, rather than be effected by everything that once was.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind we go into various times throughout the day. Day-dreaming while at work, reading a good book, thinking about different things while driving a car and missing your exit are all simple examples of being in a light hypnotic state.

Deeper levels of hypnosis (also referred to as 'trance') can be easily reached when you employ a facilitator/ therapist, an individual who, through the use of words as suggestions, guides you into your subconscious mind. All the while keeping your conscious mind awake!

The relaxation you experience is beyond anything you could achieve from a conscious level. This is because when you are in trance, your body and your mind are relaxed together, at the same time. This means your muscles are relaxing, and all those nagging thoughts that run through your head are becoming still and quiet

What happens, is your brain waves begin to slow down, like when you go to sleep at night. Science has proven that people who don't sleep well at night are not going into the R.E.M. State (Rapid Eye Movement) as much as is needed to ensure quality mental rest. This is why you may often wake up feeling tired and groggy. When you are following the instructions of a facilitator, you are being guided into deep levels of mental relaxation in a completely effortless manor. This is why one hour of being in deep meditation/ hypnosis is equivalent to getting a few hours of sleep!

There are countless issues you can let go of through hypnosis, but perhaps the most important issue that can be easily managed and released when you learn the art of letting go - is stress!

I believe stress is the silent killer of today's society. Everybody has a certain level of stress they deal with on a daily basis, yet many people are not aware of the toll stress has played in their lives, until it's too late. Are you stressed out? Take this simple stress test. Place a number rating after each symptom according to how much you experience the symptom.

1 = rarely
3 = sometimes
5 = often

Physical symptoms of stress:
Back pain
Skin rashes
High blood pressure
Shortness of breath
Tense muscles
Teeth grinding
Stiff/tight neck
Chest pain
Over/under weight
Total Score for
Physical Symptoms ________________

Behavioral Symptoms of Stress:
Watching excessive TV
Taking tranquilizers
or other drugs
Drinking alcohol
Accidents or injuries
Excessive sleeping
Blaming others
Total Score for
Behavioral Symptoms_________

Emotional Symptoms of Stress:
Unable to keep still
Difficulty concentrating
Excessive quietness
Crying easily
Mood swings
Feeling of hopelessness
Angry outbursts
Low self-esteem
Loss of sexual interest
or pleasure
Total Score for
Emotional Symptoms_________

Count your total score. If your score is 50 or less, you are doing a great job handling stress. If you have a score of 50 - 100, you could benefit from learning the art of letting go with hypnosis and other stress reduction techniques to improve your life. If your score is over 100, you could be approaching distress.

Learning how to let go with Meditation and Hypnosis is a simple, safe and effective way in creating a healthy way to release stress and anxiety from your life. You truly can live each day being calm, relaxed and in control, no matter what the outer circumstances are around you. What are you waiting for?

If you'd like to get started in learning how to let go by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind, make an appointment with our s at

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