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Anand & Par-Anand




Bhakta Aarti Khosla is the founder of Prerna School of Inspiration in New Delhi and Temple of Inspiration, where regular lectures and workshops are held, connecting the intellect and spirituality with the purpose of "empowering and awakening the consciousness". Thus instilling Karmic healing energies in the mind of the Therapists.

She has conducted several workshops, in India and worldwide on "Mind Therapies", addressing specifically the linkage between the mind and the spirit. Also initiating a series of 'Inspiring Mankind' workshops, focused on awakening the potential of the mind and dispelling fear.

Bhakta Aarti Ji has gained recognition of her work as under:-

Sharing & spreading knowledge of self empowerment & self healing since 15 years.

Practicing Mind Therapist & Teacher since 10 years.

Organizing Committee of the Second World Congress Regression therapy (WCRT) held in India in 2006

Organizing Committee of the Third WCRT in Brazil 2008 presenting a paper on "Karma Clearing & Past Life & the Regression.

Guest Speaker at the Global Peace Initiative of Women (a UN initiative) in 2008 & Chaired the peace dialogue between Israel & Palestine

In 2008 was invited to enlighten students of Singapore Management University on the Potential of the Mind

Presented lectures and held workshops on "Enhancing Potential of the Mind and Dispelling Fear" & "Self-Healing" in 2009 at Oxford University, UK

In 2010 presented a paper on "Teleportation & Vedic Connection" at World Healers Conference, USA.

Our Activities

  • Healing Workshops
  • Literacy Programme
  • Self Empowerment Programmes
  • Mind Rolling
  • Prerna Bazaars
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Spiritual Retreat
  • Medical Camps
  • Free Awareness Talks
  • Healing Camps
  • Personal Healing Sessions with Bhakta Aarti Khosla on every Thursday
  • Sale of CDs, Crystals ,Karma Cards, Books & Stained Glass

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Received Through Bhakta Aarti Khosla Ji

Vedantic masters have realised and documented that Atma is Para-Anand. One is Anand, where Anand is peace and Para Anand is limitless peace. If someone has to come to this conclusion in the Vedant they have not written the experimentation, they have written the conclusions, that's why its called the Ved-ant, the end. The Veda is all the knowledge and the end and the conclusion is, it is Para-Anand, it is limitless peace. Which means that somewhere in some life they started wanting for peace themselves.

If you come to the end and say I have found unlimited peace, limitless peace, then in some life you must have started wanting even if it is limited. In some life, if the person has done PhD in philosophy, at some moment of his life as student he must have had the desire to study philosophy otherwise he could have not done PhD in philosophy. So on the same level in some life you must have had that desire to want peace for yourself. So even if, it started with limited peace but again at some moment he must have desired unlimited peace or he must have had some actions that started self creating peace. Is there anyone in the world who you feel yeh ek admi hai jiske paas mein jab bhi jaon mujhe sirf peace milega, you give me the name of one person! kitne naam soch sakate ho? karibi se karibi rishtey dar se bante hai, jisko bhi aap sabse jyada payar karte ho ki 100 percent anytime, every time or this person will give me only peace. Then we are not talking about love, (which also has a graph) we are talking about peace.

That means that it is not an outer acquisition it is a inner acquisition. You have to acquire it for yourself or you have to acquire a modus operandi of karma or a pathway of living that kick starts the peace and then keeps it going. So you choose a path or you choose a chain of karma that you with free will. you have to do make effort intellectually as you are responsible for making that choice. I have to choose that event or that road or that curriculum that will lead me to PhD in philosophy. So that the road or the pathway had to be chosen. You have to volunteer to choose it, and then you have to volunteer to live it, to walk it, to study on it, the books, the process, the teachers, the exams everything, everything connected to that one subject because this student is thinking I have to do PhD in that subject so he studies that subject that subject becomes his life. And whilst studying that subject or giving the exams of that subject as tough as the exams maybe but there is still some Ananda.

Why? There is Ananda because at least I am on the right path to doing my PhD in this subject. I am giving the BA exams and I am giving the Ma exams now am giving the M. Phil. It is big headache getting the books and reading and whatever but there is level of Ananda because he loves the end and he remembers every moment of that "uff tauba itni padhai karni padd rahi hai", he remembers I am doing it for that end. So, Para-anand is connected to another emotion which makes him stay on the path. Without that other emotion he cannot stay on the path, he will stay till he gets Ananda here and then will move onto another path go till he gets little Ananda here then moves again. But to stay on particular path there is an other emotion that is required, and that is that Love.





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