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Bhakta Aarti Khosla is the founder of Prerna School of Inspiration in New Delhi and Temple of Inspiration, where regular lectures and workshops are held, connecting the intellect and spirituality with the purpose of “empowering and awakening the consciousness”. Thus instilling Karmic Healing energies in the mind of the Therapists.
She has conducted several workshops, in India and worldwide on "Mind Therapies", addressing specifically the linkage between the mind and the spirit. Also initiating a series of 'Inspiring Mankind' workshops, focused on awakening the potential of the mind and dispelling fear. 
She has gained recognition of her work as under:
Sharing & spreading knowledge of self-empowerment & self-healing for the last 15 years.
Practicing Mind Therapist & Teacher for the last 15 years.
Part of the Organizing Committee of the Second World Congress Regression therapy (WCRT) held in India. 
Part of the Organizing Committee of the Third WCRT in Brazil, where she presented a paper on "Karma Clearing, Past Life &  Regression”.
Guest Speaker at the Global Peace Initiative of Women (a UN initiative)  & Chaired the peace dialogue between Israel & Palestine.
Was invited to enlighten students of Singapore Management University on "Potential of the Mind".
Oxford University, UK: lecture & workshop on "Enhancing Potential of the Mind, Dispelling Fear & Self-Healing".
Presented a paper on "Teleportation & Vedic Connection" at World Healers Conference, USA.

Tata Tele Services North India, invited her to hold a talk on the "Hidden Potential of the Mind and Performance".

Held an "Elevating and Empowering Meditation cum Workshop" with Top 60 CIO's of India Powered by HP. 

Our Activities
  • Healing Workshops
  • Literacy Programme
  • Self Empowerment Programmes
  • Mind Rolling
  • Prerna Bazaars
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Spiritual Retreat
  • Medical Camps
  • Free Awareness Talks
  • Healing Camps
  • Personal Healing Sessions with Bhakta Aarti Khosla on every Thursday
  • Sale of CDs, Crystals, Karma Cards, Books & Stained Glass

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Pujneeya Gurudev Shri Yukteshwar Giri Ji Maharaj



The Importance of Text and Teacher


Received Through Bhakta Aarti Khosla


When a Seeker becomes curious about a sacred text, rarely does he pick up the original to read. 

He looks for a good translation. Even if he has memorised the chants, the depth of vibrations cannot be fully experienced to create alchemy. 

Sthool, the physical energy, is with which a Seeker begins his spiritual learnings.

Sthool, or the physical aspect, The name of the Text, who is being explained to, the environment in which the conversation is being held. All these provide a very important trigger for the emotional energies of the Seeker to connect to the text at a deeper level. Bringing about deeper satisfaction, joy and peace...loving the teaching..soon translates into ..loving the teacher!

The seeker moves from one Sthool to another, depending on the SUKSHAM / emotional satisfaction absorbed.

From a book to a teacher is nothing but focusing on Sthool (visible) at all times with the desire for SUKSHAM (contentment) peace and KAARAN ending! (permanent light)

Now imagine the teacher having taught you the shlokas, memorised and chanted by you regularly.

The original text kept in a sacred place and prayed to. The teacher therefore tells you to leave and go with the text.....! 
Can you? Do you need just the text now?

It is very difficult, as the Sthool / physical form, you also require now is the teachers loving explanation, which brings out the hidden sacred vibrations of the holy text...

Just knowing that you are on a true path, keeps you positive. Gives you patience..this is INNER STRENGTH

Whilst advancing you will keep falling. However the spiritual path and teachings, keeps your karma in check, inner confidence level high and the Satvic way of thinking pro active.

The teacher too looks for a Sthool / visible positive change from the seeker students.

They become reminders of the positive milestones covered and appreciated. 

Effortlessly giving, there is no thinking, just eating something excellent and then feeling guilty that you eat it you take it for your beloved. This is not giving ...but sharing love....which gives you joy.

Focus on your strength to stay on the path and value the teacher who keeps teaching you unconditionally. 

Dissolve the guilt into SATVIC resolve!




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