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Below is a poem that came through a seeker yesterday,during the workshop in the ashram...

Atma Namaskar:

I want to share a Poem that happened through me at the Ashram today.
I am humbled in Gratitude for the Experiences that Happen to me.

Warm Regards
Kashish Sharma

I See

I See all & Yet not......

You call to address myself......

I see Am not Alone......

in my Questions......

Another aspect of being One......

You give me Tools to let go......

The Choice of what to......

You forge ahead a Platter......


What to Choose......

At times that Shatters......

What "I" thought I knew......

To bring forth......

What Matters......

Being particles of the One......

that divided us into All......

You made me a Miracle......

to Learn & to Impart......

Your Creations Me Am......

The Grace I accept......

of the Fact......

That all else are......

Creations of your Art......

I am not......

Yet am all else's Part......


Last month was one of the darkest time of my life. So much had happened so suddenly. Before I could even gather the broken pieces of my shattered life and before reality and graveness of the situation had even sunk in.... I suddenly had too many responsibilities fallen upon me. There was no time. I had to be strong. This was not the time to be weak and cry. I had to be strong for my family. One after another too many things were happening too quickly. Each moment through the ordeal I felt strong connection with if she were there with me each moment guiding me.comforting me. I remember sobbing alone at night remembering maa praying to her and aching to go to the ashram. For I knew that maa's healing presence was all I wanted. So intense was the want to just be in maa's presence that I could physically feel it !!! Amidst all the formalities - legal and social , as well emotional support that I had to provide to my family during this crisis left me with no time for my own healing, and I knew it was impossible.

By Friday evening (23rd dec) , I was completely drained emotionally.... I knew I won't be able to go for the Saturday satsang for a few weeks. I was aching... literally aching to be in maa's presence... Each moment I prayed to maa for not letting me forget what I have learnt from her and to be able to apply gyanam when n where I need to. I didn't want to let my guru maa down.

Saturday evening at precisely 4pm a lady walked into our house.(24th Dec) I had never seen/met her. I didn't even know her name. She turned out to be an acquaintance of my mom who upon hearing what had happened in the family had come to meet her. She apparently lived just down the lane... and I didn't even know of her existence !!! She had a few small booklets of Shri Bhagvad Geeta Saar with her and an idol of ganeshji. She placed the idol of ganeshji on the shelf of the living room... lighted some dhoop which she was carrying... handed us out the bookets of geeta saar (besides mom n myself there were few relatives who had come over to the house to meet us.) No questions were resistance... everyone was quite. Instantly the restlessness died and peace enveloped the room. ...And she began reading and explaining... then sang beautiful bhajans.
She didn't say anything that I had not heard before from my maa. Same gyanam that I have received from my guru maa. It was as if what I have learnt from maa was only getting reinforced..reminded. As if maa was telling me not to worry.reminding me of my forgotten strength.
All this worked for me and my family as if a sick dying person had been rescued and given life saving medicine. The energy of the house changed !!!

And so after that day that lady... (sunita aunty I later learned her name) came everyday at 4pm sharp and read out geeta saar to us.sharing gyanam ..singing bhajans.doing a satsang . Each day from 24th december to 2nd january. Till the time I regained my emotional control...I was sent gyanam each day... each day I had a "revision class". Maa did that for me. That is maa's way of looking out for us... of blessing us! In gratitude.

We were headed to Haridwar with my father's ashes to bid final goodbye to him. My mother was in a state of shock ...grieving his sudden passing. It was undoubtedly the darkest moment of her life.
She broke down and insisted upon holding the urn in her hands all the way. She also insisted to sit on the farthest end of the SUV in seclusion with the ashes.
What were I to say or do to help her? Nothing !! My brother and I watched her and each other helplessly. All I could do was pray for all of us....praying to maa... and soon slipped into a deep state of meditation.

I saw a pyramid.filled with purple and green energy. In the pyramid sitting in front of guru nanak devji and maa... I saw papa.receiving intense healing. He looked peaceful.receiving. In the pyramid I also saw my mother , brother and my husband. All of us receiving intense healing. What I saw and felt cannot be described in words.
Next I saw my mother in the ashram and maa hugging if telling her it will be alright. Then I saw my nana, nani, and mamaji ( all of them are in light) around my mother. I also saw another old looking lady I donot recognise around her. All of them comforting her.
Through all this I felt maa's strong presence.I fail to find words to describe how strongly I felt connected to maa. I simply cannot describe. 1.5 hours had passed... by the time I realised I had a physical body.... None of the six people in the car had spoken much. We were all feeling peaceful. I looked back at my mom who was sitting still with her eyes closed....looking calm and composed. It was another hour before she opened her eyes. I knew she was receiving healing from maa.
My mother...who had been hysterical to the point of having a nervous breakdown had been sitting still with her eyes closed looking calm...peaceful...composed....holding the urn for the last 2.5 hours !

I had reached out to maa for help and she came to my rescue. This is only one small instance of the kind of guru kripa that has been bestowed upon me and my family. How does one find words to put experiences like such in words.words fail.only the heart knows. Saying "thank u maa" seems so shallow. I pray to the divine lord that I keep receiving gyanam from my guru and that I never let you down guru maa. In gratitude.


Dear Maa,

My pranamam to you.

This is Ramya here, and i came in contact with you when i attended Spiritual Hypnosis class 1 in Mumbai.

Below is an incident i want to share with you maa.

Maa, on 16th of Oct, me and my mom shifted to a new apartment. That night, i was very tired as i hadnt slept till late the previous night also. The night we shifted to our new place, i went to sleep around 11.30pm, very tired. And suddenly i woke up at around 1.30-2 in the night without my knowledge. And my mom who was sleeping on the cot next to me, asked me what was it and thats when i realized i had gotten up and sat on the bed. I replied nothing and lied down back but i could see, (though i was in bedroom) visuals of some people/souls in the living room. (I have sensed this before at other places too...but have never been scared.) This time i was very scared. actually petrified. Felt very negative and bad vibrations coming from the living room into the bedroom. Then i could see in my moms aura, a deformed child (around 6-8 months old) connected by a brownish red wire to my moms right leg. I tried to cut this wire... but something stopped me. I asked for white light. Nothing happened. Then i started to chant vishnu sahasranamam. After i finished i still couldnt not close my eyes... as i was still scared to see what i saw again and i could still feel the negativity. So i continued praying for white light.

And then maa, i could see you come in through my window, and another old baba, bright and white, who had white beard. (i have never seen him before) Both of you came through the bedroom window and i could see a blast of white light in my living room. it was like as if an bomb exploded that spread white light all over. The place was purified. Only after that i could sleep.

Maa... i sincerely thank you and the baba, for helping me.

When i told about this to my senior colleague, Manjeet, through whom i actually attended your class, he gave me your email id and asked me to write to you.

Maa, with your and babas help, the place where we stay is now purified. Lots of love,



I have had the good fortune to be associated with Prerna School of Inspiration ever since its inception and also have been closely involved in its activities. During this period I have completed three levels of Karmic Healer certified by the California Institute of Hypnosis, and have also studied other allied therapy courses. The desire to become a therapist stemmed from the experiences of my own sessions , most of which were conducted by my guide and mentor Bhakta Aarti Khosla who is also the founder and chairperson of our institute. There has been a vast improvement in practically all spheres of the functioning mind allowing greater self control , will power, creative imagination and an immense freedom from inhibiting fears and phobias. The therapies have therefore allowed me to go from strength to strength both in personal and professional spheres. Being able to be positive helps unlock the hidden potential which we all possess, and we are able to realise and achieve our personal best . Being a designer by profession, I have through regular practise of therapy, been able to overcome creative blocks and my ability to mutitask without tensions has improved a great deal. In my profession one is required to constantly work within deadlines and it is now possible to do that with a bare minimum amount of stress.

I strongly recommend this practise for all.

Ashima Singh


Bhakta Aarti Khosla has given me an invaluable gift...the opportunity to understand the SELF through the various workshops and personal sessions at the Prerna School of Inspiration. Although I have been coming here for many years, it never ceases to amaze me how much I discover about how I operate in my life. Each time I come closer and closer to being who I really want to be in my life by truly getting to know myself. I have taken programs/workshops which have been life-changing. I also want to say that the workshops create a learning experience that is amazing and powerful and joyous.

I feel that the content is so rich and full and that I have learned and gained so many powerful tools. The workshops that I have attended have not only been an eye opener.but heart and mind openers too, leaving me feeling enriched and empowered. I am truly grateful!

Reena Khanna
Partner-GBA Law Offices


I came to Bhakta Aarti Khosla at a time when life was lost in grief and I was desolate. Her guidance, love and inspiration slowly led me into the path of healing and compassion. I attended all courses at Prerna school of inspiration in Karmic Healer, spiritual hypnosis Aura and chakra healing and past life regression, life between lives, Reki each conducted by Bhakta Aarti Khosla. Every interaction with her was a blessing which added meaning to life and helped me to deal in a positive way to all challenges in my profession and personal life. I remain thankful in gratitude always to her.


I came to Bhakta Aarti Khosla at a time when life had lost meaning and direction. Without realizing when the change started to happen and I was doing every single workshop and courses that happened and each one was conducted by Bhakta Aarti Khosla. Every course that I attended was truly in enlightening and such guidance was impacted by her which very gradually was giving me inner stability. In my profession I was able to direct my life and cope better with all challenges that were coming, in spite of commitments at work and home one never wanted to come back after the retreats with her but once back you suddenly realized that you were right on top of things and feeling capable to deal and handle all situations in a manner which helped everyone around. I am truly grateful and blessed for all her love and guidance and inspiration received from her for bringing the light into my life.

Indra Bansal
FCA, Partner, Bansal & Co.


Dear and Respected Bhakta Aarti Khosla Ji,


This is to thank you and convey my deep appreciation for your inspiring presentation on "Mysteries of Mind and Soul" at IHC.

I would like to meet you sometime convenient to you.

With Kind Regards,

Advisor: Law-Human Responsibilities-Corporate Affairs


Its been an honour & an immense pleasure to have attended some fabulous workshops at the Prerna School of Inspiration that have made a huge difference in my life. The workshops that I've done with Dr. Khosla are Spiritual Hypnosis, Reiki level 1, Auras & Chakras Healing & Karmic Healer level 1 & Insightful Healing with other therapists.

They have been an amazing experience in learning about myself & healing myself.

Thank you so much for having organized these wonderful workshops that have brought about a renaissance in my life. I look forward to more of such awesome experiences at Prerna.


Sweta Kapur
Assoc. Publisher
Mercedes Magazine


I got married in the year 1996 and it was a match made in heaven, as they say. I intuitively knew that we were meant to be together, I had even had a vision about my husband before meeting him. So, when, after marriage I started experiencing problems; I couldn't understand why.

I tried EVERYTHING that I could to mend /repair my marriage but nothing worked. I learnt Reiki in 2004 and sourced Reiki for him, myself and our kids, it helped but still something more was needed.

Having read Dr. Brian Weiss's books I started getting attracted towards Past-Life Regression, hoping to find a solution to my problems, there.

In April 2009, I saw an advt. in the newspaper of Prerna School Of Inspiration, which mentioned Past Life Regression (PLR)sessions. I was intrigued but didn't do anything about it . I wasn't sure and was hesitant to call. The advt. appeared again the next week and a friend told me to call up this place and find out about Reiki classes there. I called at the given number, asked about the Reiki classes and about PLR too! I was given a PRERNA MIND THERAPIST's contact

That was the turning point! With the PRERNA MIND THERAPIST , each session was deep and intense. Saw a lot and understood a lot !! The reason for problems with my husband still did not surface, so we decided to go into my husband's past and see if we could find something there. We again saw a lot, and lot of mysteries got solved

My attitude towards him started changing and there were changes in him too. In between, things again got very ugly and in sept'09 I had my last session with the PRERNA MIND THERAPIST which was the most intense session till date. A lot of cleansing & clearing was done, cords were cut, healing was sourced and that for me was a magical session !!

For days after that I felt I was walking on air,I was sooo full of energy,that I didn't feel hungry for days..

I was constantly smiling! We had erased a lot of non-positive stuff and my life was a like a clean & fresh white board. I could not remember any of those things, can't remember them even now, they are a hazy blur.

All this healing finally reached him when he stepped inside the ashram in the last week of Dec'09. He was a changed person when he reached home. Though I must make it clear here that he has no idea of the sessions or the healing that was sourced for him. He went to the Ashram out of curiosity after he heard about it from a friend. I also took sessions for remote healing my sister and she has been fine since then, also my younger son who used to get disturbing visions is at peace since his cleansing session with the PRERNA MIND THERAPIST.

- Preeti ( name changed for privacy)


I had gone to Aarti Ji when I was going through the worst phase of my life. I had lost my 1 year old baby. She was born with a heart disorder and despite our best efforts, we lost her. Ma listened to my problems very patiently and introduced me to the PRERNA MIND THERAPIST.

Thereon, started my journey into spiritual calm and understanding.The PRERNA MIND THERAPIST explained to me to be positive and to be connected to the Almighty at all times. I underwent therapy under Aarti Ji's guidance and with the PRERNA MIND THERAPIST several times. After few months, the Divine gave me the opportunity to conceive again. I had a few glitches in my first month of conception, but Ma asked me to meditate and gave me positive words to say everyday and sent me healing. Soon, I realized my pregnancy was absolutely smooth sailing and within 9 months I conceived a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

I would like to say fellow healers, that from the time my interactions with the PRERNA MIND THERAPIST started, I had a lot of faith and was regular with my attendance at Saturday Satsangs. The healers are always there to support you and guide you but, you have to take it upon yourself to seek Prerna with devotion and sincerity.

I am deeply indebted to Aarti Ji and the healers especially the PRERNA MIND THERAPIST who have constantly guided me and been there for me

- Meena ( name changed for privacy)


Here are some experiences and gratitude expressions of few therapists and one satsang attendee who partcipated in the Prerna Bhiwadi Healing Camp held on 21st april,2012.

I thank GURUMA for this wonderful opportunity of rendering seva for the Bhiwadi Healing Camp..everything happened so beautifully on the healing day as if an invisible hand was synchronising it..there was a natural flow in all things,the cleansing meditation,the openness of crowd to receive healing,the harmony and mutual respect amongst our therapist team,individual sessions and our landing up on time for if all was planned to perfection by GURU grace...
Two lines which come to my mind to describe the
Healing Camp Experience are:
Jo kara rahe ho hamse,wahi kaam ho raha hai,
Karte keval Aap ho GURUMA...
Sabka naam ho raha hai...

In shukrana..


Atma namaste ji

The energy in the start was so strong that i ended up lying down the mats that were provided . During the cleansing meditation i part of me was being healed. i woke up feeling very energised.

After that it was a very peaceful experience. I felt a bond with the ahramites and thanked our GURUS for giving us such a spiritual family in the end we sourced group healing for the ashiana residents and once again i felt consumed by the healing energies this time i was shown that DELHI NCR was soon going to become a very prominent place in the WORLD ECONOMY.

There was a huge SPIRAL ( like a tornado on top of the city) and when the tornado was moved away upwards it revealed a NEW CITY beautiful and recharged.

I didnt feel i had gone to heal i felt like i was enjoying a day out / a break and happened to be available for channeling healing energies. I dont knw if i shud say this but it felt like a picnic.
Thanku so much MAA and my GuruBhai and Behens

love you loads


Atma namaste ji,

Let me take an opportunity to share experience from yesterday's camp in Bhiwadi. It was a small gathering of around 13 people, and every one were looking forward to the camp. We started with Guru Om and it continued with Meditation, which was very effective and mesmerizing. I was observing and thinking how it will be and what exactly gonna happen today. The group was almost of the same age (above 60) where people had a tough ride of diverse experiences, must have their share of losses and pain/happiness. At this stage I was just thinking what they are really looking for. Interestingly we all were waiting to see how it goes. The place was beautiful, quite and very positive. Most beautiful part was that group was open to receive and ready to accept. We were asked to clear chakras on one to one. I met a soul who was not able to walk so we decided to clear chakras while sitting on the chair. We got into a conversation and "she was explaining that she is diabetic, suffering with arthritis but she is taking good care of herself and feeling fine. After a short pause she said I get hyper, excited and feel very anxious which also lead her to sleeplessness and now it is becoming on regular basis. When asked - what she thinks she should change or may be work on to get better? She expressed that I take too much of responsibility and get very burdened; it was good to see that my children, family, my husband are dependent for every little thing and take advises for all decisions;few years back this attention was very satisfactory and I used to enjoy it but may be now i am not very happy with it.

I have always given importance to my family and ignored myself. Now I need some peace and want to relax. Which is missing because i still get surrounded with every one's problem and then i want to sort it out by any means which is bothering me. While talking she also mentioned that this is for the first time sharing so much with any one.When asked what she is looking for the answer was peace and that is all she wanted. We also did EET and she was happy and excited to know about such a simple therapy. And she said she will practice for sure. We we did few rounds to make her comfortable with the therapy.

It was beautiful experience for me and great learning. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be part of you all and able to share what I have received. I think some where it is helping me in my journey and understanding.

In Gratitude,


Atma namaste ji,

I was meant to go to Goa this weekend somewhere in my mind I felt that I wouldn't be able to attend the Healing Camp in Bhiwadi. The lady I work with decided not to send me to Goa & I was there at the camp. WOWFirstly pursuading Mahajan Aunty to do the Chakra Cleansing I am glad that she did.The Meditation was so powerful, I was floating in my chair :) I felt this Dark Energy like Shiv, Kali or Babaji wisk away from my right,I now think it was fears & negative being taken away.My Mother of this Life being present & talking about herself which I rarely see her doing. My Father of this life coming for the healing :) I had been feeling that I wanted to see Shree Yukteshwer Giri's Photo & Voila he was there in the Spiritual Messages Booklet :)Me getting my Chakra's cleared WOW they were all Clear & Operating, realized that I need to intent them to be in that manner I was intending while the cleansing.Attending the Satsang Oh I don't have words every word & sentence was Ambrosia :) & off course an answer to the questions :)I have been facing a challenging situation with someone I work, the part where give in love however much you can comfortably love another, made so much sense to me, as I had been giving & not feeling the return off the same. The part where Maa asked US to as a thinker think that we are on the flight of this body & while reacting to remember that WOW WOW WOW I am humbled in the cocoon of Gratitude I chrysalises in Gratitude, Humbleness, Acceptance, Grace & Love It helped me clear some fears & all of them :) It helped me deal with a tough situation comfortably,my heart beat in fear I could hear in my ears & Maa came to help I called for her & She came & cleared :) I am ever so deep in gratification I stem in it :) :) The Journey...the Beauty of it that I see & the Nectar that I become everyday, The Perfume that I turn into :) :) THANK UWhile going back to Gurgaon I hitched a ride with Ashramites, Ashramites spoke about the experience of the Healing Camp at Bhiwadi it was really interesting & en-lighting to hear about it :) We spoke about the metaphysical reason's behind getting hurt physically. About Family Constellation All in All a day of Love n Light.

(Bhiwadi resident and satsang attendee)