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Bhakta Aarti Khosla Ji is the founder of Prerna School of Inspiration in New Delhi and Temple of Inspiration, where regular lectures and workshops are held, connecting the intellect and spirituality with the purpose of “empowering and awakening the consciousness”. Thus instilling Karmic Healing energies in the mind of the Therapists.
She has conducted several workshops, in India and worldwide on "Mind Therapies", addressing specifically the linkage between the mind and the spirit. Also initiating a series of 'Inspiring Mankind' workshops, focused on awakening the potential of the mind and dispelling fear. 
Bhakta Aarti Ji has gained recognition of her work as under:
Sharing & spreading knowledge of self-empowerment & self-healing for the last 15 years.
Practicing Mind Therapist & Teacher for the last 15 years.
Part of the Organizing Committee of the Second World Congress Regression therapy (WCRT) held in India. 
Part of the Organizing Committee of the Third WCRT in Brazil, where she presented a paper on "Karma Clearing, Past Life &  Regression”.
Guest Speaker at the Global Peace Initiative of Women (a UN initiative)  & Chaired the peace dialogue between Israel & Palestine.
Was invited to enlighten students of Singapore Management University on "Potential of the Mind".
Oxford University, UK: lecture & workshop on "Enhancing Potential of the Mind, Dispelling Fear & Self-Healing".
Presented a paper on "Teleportation & Vedic Connection" at World Healers Conference, USA.

Tata Tele Services North India, invited her to hold a talk on the "Hidden Potential of the Mind and Performance".

Held an "Elevating and Empowering Meditation cum Workshop" with Top 60 CIO's of India Powered by HP. 

Our Activities
  • Healing Workshops
  • Literacy Programme
  • Self Empowerment Programmes
  • Mind Rolling
  • Prerna Bazaars
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Spiritual Retreat
  • Medical Camps
  • Free Awareness Talks
  • Healing Camps
  • Personal Healing Sessions with Bhakta Aarti Khosla Ji on every Thursday
  • Sale of CDs, Crystals, Karma Cards, Books & Stained Glass

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Pujneeya Gurudev Shri Yukteshwar Giri Ji Maharaj


Purushartha (contd.)...




Received Through Bhakta Aarti Khosla Ji






It is when the slate is black does anything written become obvious...

If the sky weren't black at night the ever shining stars wouldn't show up, they were there during the day, but we couldn't see them. Millions of them, all as powerful as the sun, obscured from our vision and awareness.

The same way only when our ARTHA is connected to the deeper absorbed GYANAM (light) do we see the vibration that has been sent in the midst of the grim challenge.(black slate)


To counter every challenge there are millions of positive energy thought protons in our mind expanse. 
When we acknowledge " I am made by the DIVINE" and " the DIVINE in me protects me." Our ATMIC identity is a force. Also multitudes of lives' of strength lie within us!

Like a star acknowledging its Divine light content that is shining through.... Only self observation and identification has helped it to know itself!

Just at that low 'moment' ...choose to focus on the Rose, not the thorns... If you have trouble doing that, connect with someone who can inspire you to feel blessed at having the rose!

HE made you! Silent your mind from all the chatter of opposite forces. They are only there to check your resistance.

Live your daily PURUSHARTHA with a positive thought, offer SEVA for those less fortunate. 

It will contain your self pity with a jolt.

If you sacrifice your SATVIC BHAV and get stuck in the emotions of opposite energies it will deplete the inner strength and cloud your vision of personal ARTHA. The PURUSHARTHA (human efforts) now onwards will sap you of your energy. Like the sun hidden under thick clouds, making the environment dark even during the day. Your efforts will be pushing you down rather than pulling you up. 

So which one is true PURUSHARTHA? (Human efforts done to bring out the INHERERNT light from within?)
When your personal ARTHA is SATVIC you will multiply your inner light content. It will surround and protect you. Like the glow of the stars on a dark night.

The LIGHT protects the LIGHT CARRIERS.






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