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IN Harmony Retreats

In Harmony Retreats

Live In Harmony, Celebrate Yourself


In Harmony Retreats are fun, healing travels for individuals and families. They combine the fun of holidaying with the wisdom of holistic well-being through healing practices of yoga, meditation, art, music, dance and movement. All levels of practitioners are welcome, whether you would like to meet like-minded people in a safe, family atmosphere, or escape for a few days on your own, and connect with yourself. Delicious meals and rejuvenating locations create a beautiful, relaxing space for you to unwind.


Depending on the theme of the retreat planned, you may attend one (or two) yoga classes in a day; visit local attractions, plan a spa treatment or engage in invigorating group activities. Our retreats inspire positive thinking and gratitude; allow the mind and body to realign away from noise and distraction, and encourage you to spend some quality time with Mother Nature.





IN HARMONY Monsoon Magic, GOA

12th 15th AUGUST 2017




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